Advanced Scheduling

PerformusTrack’s schedule builder makes it possible to schedule from the officer or on the go. Changes are saved and distributed automatically across your entire organization. Cloud based scheduling ensures all stakeholders from employees and managers to clients and owners are kept up-to-date and in the know.

Dramatically reduce the time spent on scheduling. Use this reclaimed time on growing your business. Checks and balances inherent in the software departs a piece of mind from knowing that contract needs are met and t hat common scheduling errors are prevented from occurring. Unsanctioned and non-budgeted over time is a thing of the past. Leverage the feature rich scheduling builder to save both time and money.

If you are still using paper or excel spreadsheets to schedule, be sure to request a demonstration to see how our schedule builder can transform your scheduling process into an efficient and streamlined process that is integrated with other parts of your business.


By far the most difficult, time consuming and potential costly daily task a company engages in is that of scheduling.  Errors made scheduling immediately translate to money lost, increases in risk of negligent action and risk of losing the contract, along with increases in stress levels among those assigned to fix scheduling problems.  The builder integrates seamlessly with payroll, operations management, and the back-office management components.

A few common mistakes that PerformusTrack prevents:

  • Over-scheduled shifts (too many hours scheduled)
  • Under-scheduled shifts (too few hours scheduled)
  • Missing shifts that should be scheduled
  • Last minute schedule changes
  • Too few or too many resources assigned to a shift
  • Wrong skill set assigned to the wrong location or job

PerformusTrack’s advanced scheduling component eliminates these mistakes and many more through it comprehensive and complex checks and balances algorithm.  Converting from paper scheduling processes and from excel spreadsheet process is by far the most impactful thing an organization can do.  Those who have converted to using the scheduling component have reported immediate results.

On Average Our Clients Reported

  • 85% reduction in overtime
  • 65% reduction in missed shifts
  • 78% reduction in late clock-ins
  • 100% reduction in overscheduled and under scheduled shifts
  • 83% reduction in time spent on scheduling tasks

Other Benefits Realized

  • Match employee skills sets with job requirements
  • Schedule last minute changes with ease using our shift offer component
  • Schedule individual shift or create shifts in bulk
  • Create templates to repeat weekly or create variable shifts with ease

PerformusTrack’s schedule builder is feature rich.  It was designed to make scheduling easy and efficient.  One of the strong points of the builder is the communication features.  Ensure officers know when and where they need to be through the automated distribution feature.  Customize distribution settings sending schedules to clients in a variety of configurations as well as listing it on their portal.

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