Operations  is where the rubber meets the road.  Working efficiently is just as critical as the quality and effectiveness of work being performed.  Managing a large distributed workforce (employees who work in the field) is a daunting and time consuming repetitive task.  PerformusTrack makes it simple by providing you with the software tools to manage your entire organization from a single internet connected device of your choice.  Manage on the go or from your favorite armchair, staying connected with your team and being able to manage in real-time has never been easier or more effective.

PerformusTrack goes beyond other software providers who simply track the GPS whereabouts of an employee while providing them a means to submit reports.  Our operations component pulls critical functions from our entire software suite and combines it into a single user interface which allows you to handle every aspect of running a field workforce.  PerformusTrack automates much of the repetitive tasks associated with daily management leaving you with more time to focus on critical objectives.

Unique to our software is the way it predicts behaviors based on past performance and current field events to help guide employee decision making while they are on duty.   Let PerformusTrack attend to the mundane but critical detail such as when to lockup a facility or notifying the appropriate people when an employee has not shown up at a scheduled location.  Our system allows you to integrate processes and procedures alongside job and contract requirements into the software ensuring that your team always delivers.

Of course no solution would be complete without customizable reporting.  Our report template generator allows you to customize reports to fit your needs that covers every situation from general reports to location specific or person specific reports.  Our analysis function ensures that your customer s quickly realize the value of your team and the value of the service they provide by clearly communicating how your company impacts their bottom-line.

The operations management module integrates with the performance management component, scheduling, human resources and back-office management modules to deliver a true representation on one place that allows you to manage your entire organization without flipping through various screens.

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