Human Resource Management

Human Resources and Recruiting

Large amounts of paperwork is necessary for every aspect of human resources and recruiting.  Documentation is the only savior when it comes to hearings for the EEOC or Labor Board.  Let’s not even get into the IRS and payroll taxes.  A lot of time and energy goes into staying compliant.  In addition to staying compliant, employees often require documentation to keep their employment performance in perspective.  Clear communication with employees is a must if you want to have a productive and motivated workforce.  The Human Resources component, integrates with the Performance Management component,  which increases communication with employees ensuring they receive the support they need when they need it.

PerformusTrack’s Human Resources and Recruiting component captures all of this data beginning with a perspective employees’ on-line application, to new hire documentation and subsequent performance reviews and write ups.  The software captures digital signatures with various degrees of authentication. Upload documents that require wet signatures or use the digital signature feature.  When paired with the Payroll Management component, your employees will feel connected with the company and moral will improve.  Employees that know who to contact for employment and payroll issues feel more connected to the company and they feel more appreciated.

Custom Documents

Create custom documents such as non-compete agreements or use official government documents.  Capture images of photo identification cards, state licenses, certifications and much more.  Performance reviews, coaching forms and write ups are customizable and may include video’s, photos and typed narratives as needed.  All data is stored in a secure environment with strict authentication procedures before access is granted.

Control Training and On-boarding

PerformusTrack provides a methodical process to training and on boarding of new employees.  Set restrictions and define training requirements that must be met before an employee can be scheduled for a shift.  Ensure that all employees are treated equally and fairly by implementing the Human Resources and Recruiting component.

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