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Roy's career began as a US Navy Diver. After attending California State University, Long Beach he became a software developer and later launched a custom software solutions company that served various industries. In the early 2000's his career diverged from technology leading him into real estate finance and asset management. During this period Roy gained experience in the acquisition and management of multifamily assets to the tune of $450 million in multifamily assets. During this time he gained valuable insight and experience in workforce management and physical security risk identification and mitigation, both critical components of asset management. For the past nine years he built a physical security and private investigation company from the ground up providing service to the hospitality, multifamily, industrial and education industries. Currently he is engaged in building PerformusTrack, a workforce management Saas for the security and staffing industries.

Risk Mitigation Series – I. Assess Risk Factors

In the security industry you have a direct impact on the safety of a location.  Clients hire security providers to protect revenue and as a means of making their locations as safe as possible. No matter the reason, make no mistake you are assuming some of the responsibility for mitigating risk for clients.  For many who hire security services, hiring you is their risk management strategy. 

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Risk Mitigation Series – Article IV – Physical Threat Assessments and Post Orders

This article discusses the importance of integrating your contract with a physical threat assessment and it touches on how to tie those documents into the post orders. The overall message of this article discusses methods of implementing these documents into the patrol officers tasks to form a performance based risk mitigation strategy.

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