PerformusTrack is a Secure All-In-One Workforce Management Software Solution.

Our mission is simple, to make your company a success by providing a reliable and evolving, all-in-one, predictive workforce management solution.  By partnering with PerformusTrack you are able to manage all aspects of your business on a global scale.

The operations component contains a full suite of operations management functions from performance manages and reporting to preemptive decision making support and communications.

Our payroll component handles everything from clock-in and clock-out to time-sheet review and approval processes.  We can customize your interface to upload data to your payroll service or software of your choice.

Our scheduling component is feature rich with checks and balances that prevent costly scheduling mistakes such as over or under scheduling resources.  The AI provides automation options not found in other scheduling solutions.

This component manages all recruiting processes to include interviews, on-boarding and training.  Limit your risk of HR and recruiting lawsuits and prevent exposure due to expired certifications and licenses.

Use our feature rich on-line education competent to educate your team.  Customize classes to fit your requirements, create test banks to measure information retention and to prove understanding in lawsuits and manage expiration dates and re certification requirements all in one place.

Increase productivity and employee job satisfaction by leveraging this components features.  Set individual KPI’s that support your clients goals and that of the global company direction.  This is powerful tool overlooked by many of our competitors.  Quality of service rests on your employees and their level of education and dedication.

Maximize your revenue stream by managing the contract delivery process and cash-flow.  This component contains invoicing and collections features that can be customized to your requirements.  Spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Maximize your revenue stream by managing the contract delivery process and cash-flow.  This component contains invoicing and collections features that can be customized to your requirements.  Spend more time focusing on growing your business.

The true value of PerformusTrack is found in its predictive analytics and customization capabilities.  Data by itself isn’t very useful.  Our software lends automated decision support across your organization leveraging predictive analysis of all of the components.  This is the true power of an all-in-one workforce management solution.

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I have no idea how I could manage over 100 security officers throughout Atlanta without PerformusTrack.  This software permits me to grow my business with the confidence that my officers are performing to client expectations and my back-office tasks are being completed accurately.  Since I started using this software I have not lost any clients due to service issues.  In fact my business has increased and customer loyalty has never been better.

Alfonse McGee, Aegis Specialist

PerformusTrack is truly unlike anything out there. Operations, Human Resources, Billing, Scheduling, and Compliance all in one place. As an HR manager who also works with Operations, this software is perfect for me. I can go from helping a new employee get all of their important paperwork together to filling a shift to seeing that everyone is on their post when they need to be and not have to switch websites or tabs on my computer.

We used to have one software for scheduling and time tracking, one for new hire applications, one for field and site reports, and all new hire paperwork was kept in paper files or cloud files. Now everything is on one site in one place and I can easily jump from one department to the next.

It also allows for us to be in state compliance with posting state and federal compliance posters all being in the software where our guards can access it through their app, which is great since we cant be posting them at each of our sites.

The app itself is also great since it allows me to change schedules and or posts right from the app instead of being tied to a computer all the time. Write ups can also be done in the field without having to lug paper around, it can all be done in the app.

PerformusTrack has definitely made Operations and Human Resources easier to manage and I’m so happy we switched.

Mary Dye, DMAC Security
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Guide Employee Decision Making – Reduce risks and costs associated with poor decision making by employees.  Prescriptive Analytics

enables real time data-driven decision making by employees . With automated prescriptive analytics, you can provide guidance for decisions made at all levels of your organization.  The Holy Grail of analytics is turning data into advice and analysis with your company’s best practices. Your best practices are what differentiate you from your competition, so you need an expert system that deploys and scales your unique expertise. Using a software that applies your company’s best practices can also be helpful as a training tool for employees, giving them actionable next steps to guide them along their way.

Your brand will be associated with reliability, stability and quality.  PerformusTracks software architecture is Cloud Computing at its best.  We are a Software as a Service or (SaaS).  As such, we deliver a secure, robust and always up to date software solution that is affordable for organizations that lack the resources to buy, deploy, and manage the required infrastructure and software themselves.  By using PerformusTrack you can focus on growing your business knowing that your data is secured, backed up at regular intervals, stored in multiple locations, and available to your organization from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection.

Increase profits by working smarter not harder.  By leveraging Internet of Things (IoT)  PerformusTrack is able to cut costs and reduce the amount of time employees spend on repetitive tasks as well as track data such as Percentage of patrol area covered, employee location, gas consumption and driving behavior in patrol vehicles.

Increase Customer Retention –  PerformusTrack offers a feature rich Client Portal that is customizable to meet your clients needs in a manner comfortable for your organization.  The Client Portal enhances your relationship with your clients by providing a platform to discuss services challenges and resolutions, automates schedule delivery and communicates changes in real-time, allows clients to see where your employees are and read and review reports as they are produced.  In short our Client Portal solution provide peace of mind that your employees are delivering on critical client KPI’s.

Profitable Strategic Planning – Through our Predictive Analytics Solution your team reliably drives revenue and provides exceptional customer experiences through informed decision making based on analyzed historical data. Improve employee efficiency, gain advantage over competitors, reduce risk, detect fraud such as time theft and theft of service, build better marketing campaigns and exceed customer expectations.

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